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Invictus Motors Porsche Specialst

Invictus Motors has traded in the Porsche marque since 2006. We specialise in the sales, servicing, repairs & bodywork on Porsche cars. Invictus Motors have a strict buying policy of only buying Porsche’s that are accident free.

Every car we buy undergoes a pre delivery inspection (PDI) and it has engine management data checked for any over-revving of the engine and they are borescoped to check for any scoring, an Over Rev and Borescoping Report is provided with every Porsche. We only buy cars within industry accepted tolerances. All data is recorded before the sale and the data offered to the customer. Our aim is to sell the best prepared cars in the used Porsche market. If they are due a service, we will service them as per the manufacturer requirements whether that’s a minor or major service. If necessary we would replace coil packs, water pump, tandem pump, heat shields, rust bolts, nuts and any other parts that are due for replacement. We do not cut corners with any work. Every Porsche goes through a detailed PDI. Our service centre uses synthetic Mobil oil and other Mobil lubricants.

Below is what you can expect from our PDI and what we examine. We also offer this service if you are buying your Porsche elsewhere as our team offer over 30 years of expert advice which we can offer when buying or servicing your Porsche.

·         The inspection will take 3 hours which includes a full report

·         On completion our workshop team will email or call you to discuss costs

·         We check lights, lenses for chips and cracks

·         Cockpit instruments and switches

·         General inspection of interior

·         Check all ECU data

·         Door Locks

·         Front and rear bonnet and car exterior for scratching, chips and paint depth

·         Check all suspension, steering

·         Inspect tyres

·         Brake pads and discs and callipers and brake hoses

·         All the wheel arch area

·         Air conditioning, oil coolers and oil lines.

·         Porsche underbody, chassis

·         Fuel and brake lines

·         Gear box condition and engine leaks

·         Exhaust system and mountings

·         Roll bars and drop links

An example of Porsche 911 Pre-Delivery Inspection Checklist (PDI).

Over Rev Report is explained extremely well in the post by Tom Harris of 911Virgin.


Water cooled Porsche engines with Locasil bores 1998 -2008 (excluding Turbo and GT3) this type of engine was susceptible to bore scoring.

Engines with larger bore diameters 997 3.8S and V8 Cayenne S suffer the most. This problem can affect all engines with Locasil bores. As part of a pre delivery inspection we do a borescoping test.

This involves removing the spark plugs. The engine must be below 50 deg C each cylinder is brought to bottom dead centre. A camera is fed through the spark plug hole the bore is photographed and inspected for damage.

Click to watch a borescoping video. 

Our body shop is able to take care of all repairs.

Part Exchange & Finance are available.

Porsche 911, 996, 997, 991, Macan, Cayman & Boxster’s wanted.