Important Message
COVID-19 UPDATE: It is BUSINESS AS USUAL. We are still operating and active for business in line with government guidance. We will be offering FREE Nationwide Delivery on selected vehicles (please get in touch directly for details). We can also conduct virtual viewings and accommodate any requests you may have. We will be offering Free Nationwide Delivery. We are still open for business. Monday - Sunday 11AM- 7PM. Please give us a call on 01279 940176.


Are you open for viewings?

Yes, we are open. 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, and by appointment only on Sunday. All viewings are subject to a £100 deposit prior to viewing the vehicle.

Why do I have to pay a deposit to come view the car?

The deposit is required for a number of reasons. First of all, because of the current government restrictions put in place due to the Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020, we are not legally allowed to accommodate walk-in viewings. However, if you leave a small £100 deposit, it means you are eligible to travel to our showroom under the “Click and Collect” guidelines. This means both our backs and your backs are covered if you get questioned on your way to the showroom. Secondly, it tells us you have a genuine interest in the vehicle, as we don’t entertain dreamers or tyre kickers.

As well as this, after Coronavirus restrictions are lifted, we will be continuing this policy, since it ensures we can give customers a time slot so there is no overlap, and you’re not left waiting around for someone to be available, ensuring customers receive our famed service. This means you will have a member of staff available to you from the minute you arrive to the minute you leave.

Is the deposit refundable?

If you come to our showroom on Monday to Saturday, the deposit is 100% refundable. As long as you keep us in the loop with your decisions, we will refund your deposit on request no questions asked.  The only time the deposit is non-refundable is if you want to view a car on Sunday. We are not normally open for viewings on a Sunday, unless you’ve paid the full balance and driving away the same day. Therefore, someone would have to come into the showroom especially for your viewing.

Is the deposit deducted from the asking price if I decide to buy the car?

Absolutely! The £100 deposit will be deducted from the final price of the car if you decide to go ahead with the sale.

I want to buy the car, but can’t pay the full balance today. Can you delist the car until I can pay?

We are happy to delist a car if you have a genuine interest in the car. We would require a deposit (typically between £500 and £1,000, depending on the value of the vehicle) in order to do this though. This would hold the car for up to 5 business days (subject to agreement). Once paid, we will begin preparing the car ready for collection. Additionally, we can hold the vehicle for as long as needed subject to confirmation if the full balance has already been paid.

Do you take part-exchanges?

Yes, we do take part-exchanges. All our part-exchange prices are based on the current valuations according to AutoTrader. This means we are not just plucking a random price out of thin air, and every customer will be subject to equal treatment, with no discrimination. Of course, this valuation is subject to the condition of the car, history, and specification. Meaning if everything is in check, you have all service history, there is no red flags, and your car has a desirable specification, then we could offer you the fairest price possible.

What’s this £199 admin fee?

The admin fee covers a number of items. Firstly, it covers the cost of the standard warranty, which is a 3-month engine and gearbox warranty. Secondly, all our cars come with 5-day drive-away insurance, giving you more time to arrange insurance on your car. Thirdly, we provide 1 year AA Breakdown Cover for your vehicle, with your first callout free. Fourthly, it covers a small charity donation towards Noble Connection.

Who is Noble Connection?

Noble Connection (reg. 1189037) are a charity who provide food to the homeless in the United Kingdom, as well as providing aid to the less fortunate in Afghanistan. Ali Zaheer, our Commercial Director, is the chairman of this charity, and he has raised over £100,000 alone as of March 2021, having covered over 10,000km in charity bike rides.

Can you waive the admin fee?

We will only waive the admin fee if you purchase a Warranty with us, or you purchase the vehicle sold as seen with no warranty, drive-away insurance or AA cover. This is due to us having to pay 3rd party providers for these services.

Can I go for a test drive?

Due to the nature of the cars we sell, we have a policy in place when it comes to test drives. Once all the paperwork is finalised and you are agreeing to buy the car, the test drive is the last thing we do. This policy is in place because the high-end cars we sell, such as Porsches, do not respond well to frequent short journeys, as this is a one-way ticket to ruining the battery prematurely. This is also in place because we don’t want anyone coming in with no intentions of buying, and just looking to joyride a Porsche. As well as all this, test drives take up more resources than most people first think. A test drive means the car will need another valet (cleanliness is vital, not just to present the car in the best possible way, but also because of the Coronavirus Pandemic). It also consumes fuel, puts more miles on the vehicle, devaluing the car, and of course, takes up our time. Not only that, but not everyone wants to buy a car than 10 or 20 different people have driven.

We understand that not everyone is happy to wait to test drive a car, but we hope that since we’ve clearly written our reasoning behind our decisions, you will understand and respect this choice.

What Warranties do you provide?

Our warranty is through the well-known company WarrantyWise. They are the country’s oldest and best warranty provider. The warranties we provide are bespoke and tailored towards the stock we supply; no other warranty provider or dealership will offer you cover like ours. Thanks to our reputation, and all the checks we do on any car that comes onto our site, such as the independent inspections, we were able to get these bespoke warranties just for our customers, meaning we can provide an iron-clad warranty on a car which most other dealers wouldn’t be able to get a warranty on. We offer up to 3 years Gold warranty.

Why do you want a picture and video?

Once any of our customers have purchased a vehicle from us, we ask if they wouldn’t mind staying an extra few minutes, so we can get a photograph of them next to their new car. We also ask if we can put a wireless microphone on you (it’s a very small unit which clips onto your collar, about half the size of a match-box), and film a 30-second-long video, asking how your experience was purchasing the vehicle. You are welcome to be upfront and honest with how your experience was, and we don’t expect you to lie. These photos will then go up in the office and the videos will be compiled into our “Customer Buying Experience” videos we upload to our YouTube channel at the end of every month.