Important Message
COVID-19 UPDATE: It is BUSINESS AS USUAL. We are still operating and active for business in line with government guidance. We will be offering FREE Nationwide Delivery on selected vehicles (please get in touch directly for details). We can also conduct virtual viewings and accommodate any requests you may have. We will be offering Free Nationwide Delivery. We are still open for business. Monday - Sunday 11AM- 7PM. Please give us a call on 01279 940176.

Vehicle Valuation

We are always on the look-out for new cars to add to our stock, whether this be taking your car in part-exchange for something we already have in stock, or a selling to us directly. Whatever your circumstances, don't hesitate to give us a call, one of us is always here and willing to help.

All our prices are based on the current valuations according to AutoTrader. This means we are not just plucking a random price out of thin air, and every customer will be subject to equal treatment with no discrimination. Of course, this valuation is subject to the condition of the car, history, and specification. Meaning if everything is in check, you have all service history, there is no red flags, and your car has a desirable specification, then we could offer you the fairest price possible.

We will consider any vehicle in part-exchange. Any age, any mileage, any condition, any price. It doesn't even have to be a car; we are open to vans or motorbikes too. If it has wheels and number-plates, its fair game to us!

We are happy to purchase your car regardless of your location. Whether you're 5 minutes down the road, or 5 minutes from John O'Groats, anyone will be considered.

If you are unable to travel to collect or drop-off your car, then we have a fair and simple process in place to enable you to buy, exchange or sell a car without the need to even leave your home-town

  • Call or email to enquire about the car you wish to purchase, as you would normally.
  • If everything checks out, we will get a delivery quote for your car to your chosen address. We can deliver to your home, place of work, or anywhere which will be the most convenient location for you.
  • Pay the delivery charge upfront.
  • The car is delivered to your chosen address.
  • Check over the car and take it for a test drive.
  • If you are part-exchanging a car, then we will have to check over and test-drive the car to ensure it is as described. 
  • If you are happy with the car, payment is finalised there and then.
  • If for whatever reason you are not happy with the car (you don't even have to say why), then we will return the car to our showroom. You will still have to pay for the delivery charge.
  • If you are part-exchanging your car, we will then take your car to our showroom, once payment is finalised, to be prepped for sale

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